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Well, not all of these are formals, actually, most of them are just casual dates I went on as friends.

She finally kissed me
This once in a lifetime date where Julia actually kissed me. Years I have been waiting for it....

looking snazzy
The fun loving Lori and myself on our date to the TBP banquet. Not the best of dates, but we had fun and it was the best I could get with her. :) Lori and I had a lot of fun working on the Engage film project together.

swing dancing
I finally convinced Nicole to go swing dancing with me after years of asking her. She had a great time and wished she had gone earlier so we could have gone again. We both graduated two weeks after we went.

swing dancing
Well, we weren't really on a date, but this is Yvonne and me swing dancing at a Wesley dance.

formal dance
This was Sophmore year. I went with Karen, the girl on my left. Next to her is Annie and Josh. This was the Alpha Phi Omega Spring Formal.

tux nice dress formal
This is a dance I went to blindly. I didn't know Kristen before I got there. The dance was in North Carolina.

North Carolina formal
I went with Travis who knew his date Crystal from home. We had a lot of fun together.

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