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Here are a vast few of my engineering accomplishments while I've been at UT. Actually, this is only one project that I did my Freshman year. I would have added more, but there isn't really a good way to show what I have done in the way of engineering while I have been at college. Ask me about it and I will give you a much better impression.

freshman year project
My Freshman year, we got to build bridges and study how the forces act on them. This was part of a new program called Engage. It has really helped me to learn and enjoy engineering.

we won
Here is another angle of it. With this bridge, my group won. We had all five group members on it. Dr. Parsons was about to step on it also, but then we shifted and it broke. We still had about 750 lbs on it though. We were happy with it.

I became an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for this program my Junior and Senior year. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I learned an enormous amount about teaching. This experience changed what I want to do with my life to include one day becoming a professor.

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