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October, 2000
This is the backpacking trip I took with some friends over Fall Break my Junior Year. We hiked some of the Appalachian Trail and then diverted down into a valley for a little while.

Forney Creek
The trail. We started on one and joined on to the other at the bottom.

Kyle backpacking
That is me with my pack on (as if you hadn't already guessed).

hiking trail
This is what a lot of the trail looked like. It was beautiful. The leaves were crunchy so it was quite ears were ringing when we finished each day.

neat clouds
A classic example of why they call them the Smoky Mountains.

Smokey Mountains
A nice panoramic of the area. We were in Tennessee, but the far reaches of this picture show North Carolina.

It was a gorgeous day to be hiking.

leaves changing colors
The colors were more amazing than this photo gives them credit

Apalachian valley
The nice rolling hills.

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