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Here are various pictures of my friends I have made at college over the years.

John Schwab birthday
Here are several of my friends at a bithday party for John (the stud in the middle with all the ladies surrounding him). Everyone is: (left to right) Julia, Chrissy, John, Jan, (bottom) Yvonne, and moi.

Christian Student Fellowship retreat
Here are some of the people from the church I have been attending. I love it there. The people are great and we have a lot of fun and they are all close to God. This is on a retreat we went on in the Fall of 2000.

card games tired
This is some of my friends up at Julias lake. We often take weekends to go up there and escape the pressure of school. They are: (right to left) Michael (Julia's little brother), Chrissy, Scott, Julia, Yvonne, and moi. In case you are wondering, we are playing Indian Poker. If you want to know how to play, let me know and I'll explain it.

cute girls Native Indian and India Indian
Here's Priya, Dorie, Katie, and moi in Dorie's apartment.

Christian Student Fellowship pyramid
As you can see, we are making a pyramid. Suprisingly, it did pretty well, until the pictures was taken, then it kind of fell apart. This is people from my church on our fall retreat in 1999.

hanging out friends
Here's Lori and I hanging out enjoying life in her apartment.

nice shirt Julia I like it
Here's Julia at her birthday party wearing the shirt I gave her. Ask me the story and I'll tell it to you. I might even show you some of the other pictures to go along with it.

It was a big fish
Here's Inna and me at Julia's birthday party. Inna and I have spent many evenings involved in long discussions about everything to do with life. She is an interesting person to talk to.

swing dancing
Here's Nicole and me after we went swing dancing. I've had classes with her every year for all four years.

friends on my bed college freshman
We're just being goofy on my bed in my Freshman dorm.

friends picture
This is the group I hung out with through my Freshman and into my Sophomore years. Many of us keep in touch, but some of them had other interests and went to pursue them. Left->right: Annie, Haley, Sara, Chrissy, Jeanne, Julia Joy, Ben, Greg, me, John, Travis, and Mike.

nice restaurant dinner
All my friends from Freshman year having dinner before we leave for our first summer away. Clockwise from the bottom left: Joy, Annie, Haley, Thomas, Sara, Mike, Me, Travis, Julia, Chrissy, and Jan.

knoxville pretty view
This is what I wake up to every morning my Junior Year. It is nice to see, but unfortunately, I had to get up that early for classes....

Knoxville at night
This is the view I saw out my window my Freshman year. A nice view of part of the city.

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