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May, 2001
Here are some of the pictures of my graduation from The University of Tennessee at Knoxville on May 11, 2001.

University of Tennessee torch bearer
This is the graduate (me) pondering the meaning of life after my graduation in front of the Torch Bearer, a well known landmark on campus with an almost non-stop flame.

Kyle family
Here is my family that attended my graduation. The two women that you have not seen in my family pictures before is Fabienne (left - foreign exchange student we had in 1988 who is now living in New York City) and Amy (middle back - my brother's wife).

parents Kyle
Here I am sitting in-between my proud parents.

friends girls
From left to right is Katie, moi, Dorie, and Rosa. These are some of my friends that I found after graduation. It was a mess, so I didn't see all of my friends. As you can see, Dorie also graduated.

graduation friends
Here I am with the lovely Nicole. I was lucky enough to see her one last time at graduation before I left college.

cell phone graduation
Here I am anxiously awaiting the ceremony to begin so I can officially graduate.

not sleeping playing cell phone games
As opposed to some, who thought I was sleeping through my college gradution, I am not sleeping. Sleeping during an event as momentous as this would be unheard of. I actually broke the record on a cell phone game called snake.

graduation walking across stage
The orange arrow is pointing at me walking across the stage to receive my diploma (well, actually a blank piece of paper wrapped in a nice orange bow.

graduation U. of Tennessee 2001
A whole row of engineers passing by the crowd with they fake diplomas in hand. I do believe I have had a class with all the graduates seen in the picture (they are all engineers).

playing with Order of the Ring
Me after the ceremony playing with my Order of the Engineer ring (look at my right hand pinky next time you see me).

sandals University of Tennessee graduation
After four years of college, it would appear that there are a few things I have not learned, like how to dress for an important event. Well, I actually started packing all of my stuff before I went to the ceremony and realized that I had packed all my nice black shoes. It turns out that my sandals were black, so I just wore those instead. It was a lot more comfortable.

cute little Kyle
Here is the cake that was at my graduation party. It was a picture of when I was much younger.

cousins family uncle aunt
I was lucky enough to celebrate my graduation with many of my relatives. It was a good time with them.

Kyle party friends
Here I am talking to Julia dn Fabienne.

University of Tennessee diploma Kyle Reed
Just in case you didn't believe me that I did actually graduate, here is a copy of my diploma. The real one is a lot bigger, about 17" by 13" and they mailed it to me in a large orange and white tube - how fitting.

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