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April, 1999
Here are some pictures from our trip to Clearwater, Florida on Spring Break in 1999. Not shown here, but we also went to Busch Gardens for a day.

visiting all the countries at Epcot
Here are the five of us that went down together. Left->right: Tom, Thomas, Sara, me, and Travis. Behind us is the lake at Epcot Center with all the different countries surrounding it.

cool fountain
This is a fountain I thought looked really neat at Epcot center.

Posing in front of the statue
Here we are at a statue in Italy.

what if he sneezes
Here we are under a Troll from the Netherlands.

watching the sun going down
These are the types of sunsets we had to put up with while we were down there.

gotta beat the water
Tom and I enjoying playing on the beach while building sand castles to withstand the incoming waves....

They are coming for us
Not only the water, but we also had to fight off the birds. Tom, Thomas, and me running from the attacking birds. We had to keep our food covered all the time.

Travis and I enjoying our last sunset down there.

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