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April, 2000
Here are some pictures of my trip to Savannah, Georgia with Team Vols on Alternative Spring Break (ASB). This is similar to my trips in high school to Mexico. The following pictures do not show everything about the trip. Everyone on the trip got to know each other really well. These are some great friends I have made. Also, the pictures don't show some of our visits to some homes for children from bad homes due to legal concerns for the kids having there pictures taken.

painted it for our group
Here are all 22 of us the day we are set to leave Knoxville and head to Savannah. We were quite excited at this point. Ready for our 6 hour drive in the UT vans. This is the rock on campus that gets painted for all sorts of events, very similar to a smaller rock back home (in White Rock) that gets painted just about every other day for birthdays and other events.

working to raise money to go
This is one of the fundraisers we did before we left. This was helping with Salvation Army organizing donated books for them. One of the first times the team started to get to know each other.

everyone is a part of it
The Georgia Peach with a couple of us peering around the edge of it. This represents each person on the team. Every person made one of the pieces of the puzzle to make up the peach. One of those symbolism things that looks cool.

hard but fun
Ahh, the Mulch... One of our projects was smoothing out large piles of mulch to cover the ground to make it smoother to play on. You can see the piles in this picture. This is at Camp Venture on Tybee Island.

spread nice and evenly
Ahh, more Mulch... 2000 (yes, two thousand) preschoolers went there for Easter for an Easter Egg hunt. We helped them out a lot by smoothing it all out. They probably would not have finished it otherwise.

We were split up into groups each day for various service projects. Here is the group that 'was lucky enough' to mulch the first day. We all enjoyed it, but we were feeling it for days from the bug bites and sore muscles.

YMCA painting ASB
Don't look too close, you might realize that we are not in the safest positions or following the one person on a ladder rule. Don't worry though, we are all safe now. This was painting at the YMCA. We were proud that we finished since they were expecting 8 people to work on it for two days and we finished with 5 in a day and a half.

eating place
This is where we ate breakfast and some of our dinners. It was a nice place. We were sharing it with another group who was staying at the girl scout camp with us.

that is us - kiss us
Come one, someone give us a kiss... Well, unfortunately, no one did. Oh well. We all took turns cooking the meals. This was our turn.

the water was cold
"We even spit together." This was our sink. Part of the bonding experience was spitting together.

everything is shared
Again, the sink. The bathrooms were interesting too...unisex where you could see other people walking in when you walked in. First time I went to the bathroom, I said hi to Ciara, pictured here spitting, over the wall.

nice wake up every day
A nice morning shot of where our Unit House. This is where we would meet at night to talk about the day and share our experiences.

ghosts and goblins and those other creatures
All 22 of us right before we went on a tour of some of the graveyards and other 'haunted' buildings around Savannah. It is a neat town.

cemetary in Savannah
Here is one of the graveyeards we went to one day, Bonaventure Cemetary. It was quite large and very nice.

On the first day, we got to look around Savannah downtown. Here are six of the girls looking in part of downtown by the river. Aren't they cute?

walking around
Here is the group I was traveling around looking at downtown with.

Part of the group in front of a downtown building.

Ciara Kyle dinner
The last night there, we went out to eat at a nice seafood restaurant. Ciara and I decided to split one of the large sampler platters. It was good and we got full.

why do I have my shirt off
The second to last day, we cleaned up one of the nearby beaches from trash. It was a nice day for it. The last day, we went back to the beach and got to spend some time relaxing.

neat aspect

neat aspect
Ciara took a really cool picture of under the pier, but wished she had some black and white film, so I modified the scan for her.

My favorite type of bride
Ever since my Freshman year, I have really liked this type of bridge, Cable Stayed. This is the first one I have seen in person. I really enjoyed it. (Yes, this is from a postcard, but I did see it in person.)

I like these bridges
Here is another view of the bridge in relation to part of downtown at night. It is a very nice city. I would like to go back and explore it some more.

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