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Spring, 2001
The last semester of college was a busy, interesting, and sad time for me. It was busy in that I had to finish everything I needed to to graduate while figuring out my future. Not to mention that I was gone for 8 weekends in a row visiting Graduate Schools and the following fun activities. It was interesting since I was figuring out my future and it was incredibly sad since I was leaving all the friends I had made in the last four years.

frozen lake broom ball
The first of the 8 weekends was spent up at Julia's lake. As seen by the picture, it was a little cold, so we played broom ball on the ice, at least until we heard it crack and then we quickkly got off.

taking a little snooze
Here is Chrissy and myself trying to get warm after playing on the ice.

Hanging out having fun
A bunch of my friends and their co-op friends decided to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg for a weekend getaway.

Nice cabin in the woods
Here is the house we had to put up with....

floats on a cushion of water
While we were in Gatlinburg, we did all the fun activities there are to do there. This is a 5 ton ball suspended by a thin film of pressurized water. You can actually spin it and slow it down. Quite interesting to a bunch of engineers.

Taking a break on the porch
Here's Julia (I love Julia) and myself relaxing on the porch before we head back to the turmoil of school.

Christian Student Fellowship
With a couple weekends in between where I visiting Grad Schools, I then went on a retreat with my church to a camp in the Smoky Mountains.

Not me
They took my hat one of the mornings, so I wasn't quite looking my best.

neat sculpture thingy
After a couple more weekends of Grad Schools, I went up to Visit Katie in Boston. We toured all over the city. It is a very fascinating and fun city. This is a statue found on Boston University's campus.

visiting Katie
From the top of a building on campus, the skyline looks quite nice.

hiking in the woods
A couple weeks later, she came to visit me. Instead of showing her the city, John and I showed her the mountains. This is at Abrahms Falls off the Cades Cove loop in the Smoky Mountains.

filming project help
Throughout this semester, I helped with a film project for the Freshman Engineer Program (Engage). It involved a lot of filming and meeting with the consultant, Rip. He was awesome and hired me to be a grip on some other jobs. This picture is on one of those jobs as he is trying to get the lighting figured out.

too much paddling
I went canoeing over Easter weekend with the Canoe and Hiking club. Here we are taking a break.

hooked up well I hope
Here are the boats we were in for many hours over three days.

nice get away
This is the rough view I had to put up with over these several days. It was rough.

she kissed me
As the year came to an end, it was fun, but also sad to leave, especially when I finally convinced Julia to kiss me.

guitar in my dorm
Also, throughout the semester, I was trying to learn guitar. Mike, my roommate, had one that I could use. Since I was so busy, I didn't have much time, but I learned the basics and I hope to learn some songs in the near future.

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