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December, 2003
Tolkein Lord of the Rings Bloemfontain Hobbit
Getting off the nice bus, we continued on our travels using less comfortable transportation. Here we are in Bloemfontain, looking for a Combie. Bloemfontain is the bithplace of J.R.R. Tolkein, author of Lord of the Rings. So, we only thought it fitting to see Lord of the Rings 3 here - kind of fun.

combie minivan crowded
Here's the view from the back of a combe - they basically take a minivan and cram 15 people with luggage into - not so comfortable, but fast and relatively cheap.

family in Lesotho
This is Masseru, the capital of Lesotho.

Masseru crowded road
I was on this corner for about an hour waiting for Katie to get some supplies. I was watching all our stuff. Policemen came up three times to talk to me about the crime in the area and to make sure I was okay cause I was obviously a foreigner. Very nice that they were watching out for me and I"m glad I didn't get into any trouble.

basket on head
I saw another woman carrying a basket on her head, a large backpack, holding a baby in one hand and holding the hand of another kid behind her. Next to her was her husband carrying nothing. Katie told me that the men don't do a whole lot of work and leave it to the women. I didn't actually see the husband, but did see that woman.

river valley
We went to a lodge in the middle of Lesotho. I woke up early one morning and found a nice spot to enjoy the morning.

Semonkong Lesotho village
Semonkong Lesotho kids
Some pictures of the kids near the village. I got many kids saying hello and then laughing, apparently cause that is all the English they knew - at least they didn't seem to know what I was saying back to them.

sick sleeping Katie
Katie taking a little nap to get ready for our pony trek.

pony trek
We left on Christmas Eve to go pony trekking. Unfortunately, Katie got sick and had to go back, but wanted me to keep going, so I went on. The guide took her back and then came back and we continued on.

rolling hills with clouds
Very different scenery than I was expecting Africa to have. It was really nice watching the clouds rolling over and changing the color of the mountains - the clouds were moving really fast.

Katana waterfall
Christmas morning, we woke up and hiked down to this waterfall and then rode for 6 hours back to camp on our horses - I was definitely a little sore for a couple days.

smiling kids
muscular kids
Katie and I went looking for another waterfall near the lodge one morning and apparently we got lost and these little kids showed us the way. It was a lot of fun to show them the pictures of themselves on the screen of the digital camera.

Semonkong village huts houses
This, or a village similar to it, is most likely where the kids were from. We couldn't find out cause their English consisted only of: "Give me money" or "Give me candy."

highest waterfall in South Africa
We did eventually find the waterfall - this is the highest one in the Southern part of Africa.

crowded combie transportation
And, we are back on the Combies. This is a picture over my shoulder - that is me on the right.

wrong side of the road
Getting a little tired of uncomfortable combies, we rented a car. Notice that the steering wheel is on the right side, which means that I am driving on the left side - a little strange.

town in Swaziland
Because we had a car, we could go where we wanted to, so we drove through Swaziland on the way to Kruger National park.

driving in Swaziland
Swaziland is, unfortunately, not the safest of places to have a car due to hijackings and various things like that, so we decided not to stop and just took pictures while driving.

hills mountains
sunset in Swaziland
Very pretty country.

baboon monkey
Krugar National park - it's basically a wildlife preserve that you can drive through looking for animals. Here are some baboons.

baboon nursing near road
They seem to pretty much just carry on with their lives, even though people are driving by. These baboons were only about 4 feet from the road.

buffalo Kruger
Some cute little buffalo.

zebra Kruger
A herd of Zebra.

elephant Kruger baby
elephant on road Kruger
A mother and baby elephant casually walking across the road.

Traffic jam from elephant
Another elephant was causing a traffic jam way off ahead.

rhino Kruger
A couple rhinos cooling off in some mud.

kudu Kruger
A kudu observing us drive by. Also seen, but not close enough to get a good picture of them were a giraffe, a lion, and a leopard. Katie was completely surprised that we saw as many animals as we did.

Avis car rental
Dropping off our car at the Johannesburg airport with time to spare for me to get on my plane. We had a couple hours to sit and think back on our good travels.

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