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In August, 2002, I went to Germany to visit my parents for three weeks. My parents spent three years living in Germany. My trip happened inbetween me coming back from China and starting Grad school. I spent two weeks in Los Alamos getting all my stuff together and then drove to Chicago, left two days later to Germany and started Grad school two weeks after I came back.

German town road red roof houses
This is the view down the street where my parents lived.

Kyle on swing rope
This was a fun little slide they had in a park nearby. It seems like they came up with all the cool playground toys in other countries and after I got too old to be socially acceptable at using them, but I did fully enjoy this one.

Medieval festival sword fighting kids
Medieval festival archer shooting
Boys will be boys. This was at a mideval fest in Germany. They have tons of these events around. They are quite fun.

pig roasting spit cooking pork
At these fests, they often have yummy food - in this case, yummy pig.

Kyle with Chinese restaurant
Seeing as how I just got back from China, I kept noticing Chinese restaurants all over.

traditional German architecture buildings
Just across from the Chinese restaurant was a nice courtyard.

Disney castle in Germany Newswanstein Castle Beauty
Newswanstein Castle - the castle that the one in Disneyland is modeled after.

Archer Kyle
Me pretending to be an archer - I know, I'm not even close with the outfit.

Castle road protection architecture
Germany has a great many castles. We had a great time exploring all the knooks and crannies of this one.

tunnel in castle German
A couple times, I found myself crawling up into a completely black hole not knowing where I was going. I just kept hoping that it wasn't the other end of the toilets....

Kyle and parents infront of castle
My parents and me posing for a nice snapshot infront of a nice castle.

My mother and I took a long weekend to head over to Paris for a couple days.
actual Moulin Rouge in Paris France
We happened to be there on my 24th birthday and my mom thought it would be fun to go to the Moulin Rouge to celebrate. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go since we weren't dressed nice enough.

souvenirs shop
Walking away from the Moulin Rouge, we noticed a few shops that kept in the essence of the area.

Eiffel tower from a distance over rooftops
Visible from quite a few points in Paris. It's hard to take a picture that hasn't already been taken of it though.

bottom belly of Eiffel tower looking up
A nice view of the belly of the Eiffle Tower. Kind of fun to analyze if you are a nerd like I am.

The Thinker with Eiffel tower in background
If you analyze it too hard though, you may end up like this guy....

Kyle and mom thinking
You just have to have a picture like this one when you visit the Thinker.

Love and Psyche by Canova sculpture beauty
I really like this sculpture. It is "Love and Psyche" by Canova. To me, it just looks like they are so in love and fully concentrating on each other only. When(if) I get married, I hope my wife and I will look at each other in a similar way.

Mona Lisa line crowded
Everyone standing in line to see...

Mona Lisa small picture
...the Mona Lisa. The crowd seemed a lot like the ones in China, but these were a little bit more organized.

headless sculpture holding head in arms
On the outside wall of Notre Dame. There was a really good story that goes along with the headless statue, but I can't remember what it is. Bet that helps you out a lot.

champs elysees road in paris france
Is that the famous arch in Paris?

architecture in downtown Paris France modern
No, it is part of the downtown district - where work actually gets done.

architecture in downtown Paris France modern
This is in Paris - not really what is typically imagined of Paris. They have tried (and succeeded) and keeping the old and new separate.

thumb statue three thumbs up
We gave our trip a thumbs up (three actually). Well, we gave it two and Paris gave it one also.

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