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While in Germany, my parents and I took off on a week long excursion to various parts of Europe including Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. We drove most of the places, so we got to see a lot of it, but didn't get a lot of time to interact with the people. This actually worked out very well for me since I had mono at the time, so I could do plenty of stuff, but would get tired easily if I was doing too much.
Driving off into the sunset german road
Heading off into the morning light. We saw plenty of the road with beautiful scenery all around us.

cathedral in German town sparse
Wizzing by, we saw quite a few churches and other neat structures.

twisting and winding road in Europe
Occasionally, we would run into roads that were less than fast. This one was a little dizzying to get up.

we wc bathroom sign
Along the way, we ran into some interesting signs. I kept reading this one as 'we,' but my mother kept insisting that it was 'wc.' I guess she was right.

woman peeing at urinal sign standing up
In the bathroom, I saw this sign. I had no idea what it was advertising or how it could related to anything. In August, 2008, I received an email from Ivana (in Serbia) who explained what this ad was for: '"The consumer doesn't act always as he is expected." Under the girl in the male toilet it says: "The advertising on the places you never expect is very efficient." This is the ad for advertising on those little pannels which are placed on public places like the toliet, metro, bus stops, passages etc.' Thanks for the translation Ivana!.

sandals or shoes bathroom sign
We understood the sign, but didn't understand where we were supposed to go.

funny dancing hypo hippo atm machine
On their ATM machines, this hippo was dancing around. I thought he was rather cute.

human statue moving painted silver
Looks like a statue, but that is actually a person. Every now and then, she would look around and move.

human robot painted
This guy was really good - he would be perfectly still until you came a little close and then he would robotically greet you with various different types of movement.

human robot without a hat on
Alas, even human statues need a break occasionally.

giant cukoo clock life sized
In this same square with the statue humans, there was a giant cookoo clock - kind of fun to see.

chess german intense concentration old men
A game of chess is never so stressful when a crowd is watching you play with half-life-sized pieces. These guys were very into their game.

castle lake slovenia island
A nice little island lighthouse in the middle of a lake we stayed on in Slovenia.

cliffs of insanity castle
A castle overlooking a cliff - the next pictures are of the castle.

castle courtyard well
drawbridge controls wheel
A cute little castle.

dad the statue
"You only get one shot at this cause I'm not staying up here long," my Dad told me as he was filling in for the midding statue.

european architecture building peasant
A cute little building on the way across all the countries.

red roof tops slovenia architecture buildings
The view out of our hotel in Slevenia.

Europe at night reflections lit up city night life
This was actually taken to show off my camera to my Dad - he didn't think I could get a nice picture out of it at night.

fisherman on boat
almost naked women in croatia bikini pretty girl
A nice beach in Croatia. My mother was worried about being in Croatia, but it really just seemed like the rest of Europe. Granted, we weren't in it more than 10 hours, but the people we met were friendly.

three feet in adriatic sea
Just to prove that we have actually touched water in the Adriatic Sea.

sinking building venice architecture
The wonderful sinking city of Venice...

canal alley in venice italy water boat
...with it's lovely little water filled alleyways.

road canal alley construction venice italy
I guess you could call this 'road construction.'

fake building front architecture venice
If you look closely, you will notice that the front of the building they are working on has a picture of what it will eventually look like.

fun family in italy
We randomly stopped at a restaurant and ended up talking to the owners for quite a while. They were wonderfully fun and nice. He had a fascination with puzzles and showed us the 20 or so puzzles he had done over the years.

chinese liquer in italy
At this same restaurant, they were very proud of their Chinese cook. I told them I spoke Chinese and were so impressed that they brought out three bottles of their Chinese liqueurs for us to try. It was my parents and me (three of us) and three bottles, so we each tried one. They were very interesting. I could only make out a few of the characters on the bottles though.

Kyle parents with cathedral church
Ahh, isn't that just so cute.

country house mountains cliff traditional european architecture
cloudy mountains valley
lake in forrest with cliff mountains
river stream creek mountain
The above 4 pictures are just some of the scenery we had to sit through along the way. It was sooo terrible.....

rear view mirror sunset
And, now we head home, with a wonderful journey left in our minds forever....

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