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April, 1997
During my Junior and Senior year Spring Breaks, I went with other high school students to Mexico to build houses for some families in need.

too much wind
We first arrived and set up some tents to live in for the week. This was on a Mexican's ranch who was gracious enough to let all 150 of us stay there. It was a little windy, so setting up the tents wasn't quite as easy as you would think....

bonding with work group
Here is the small group I worked with the entire week. We got to know each other very well and had a lot of fun. We are a little dirty...just finished puttin tar on the roof and stucco on the walls.

Church group helping in Mexico
Here is the entire group that went down. Some I already knew, some I got to know, and some, I unfortunately did not get to know.

Helping build them a house
Here is one of the 5 families we build houses for. They were very appreciative of it. Although not many of them spoke English, their joyful expressions on their face made us all feel very special.

moving in day
They are anxiously look around at their new home.

moving in to their house
Here is another family with some of us workers mingling with the family. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids and getting to know the families.

crumbling old house
Their old house will quickly be replaced with their new one.

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