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April, 2005
Holland, Michigan: Matt, Yuko, Gigi and I took a road trip to Holland, Michigan for Tulip Time. It was a nice getaway. We had some fun at one of the local pubs (not pictured below) and a good time walking around seeing the town and the thousands of flowers (pictured below).

Here are the four of us in Holland. From left to right: Matt (my current roommate), Yuko (Matt's fiance), Gigi, me.

Matt and Yuko needed some good practise at feeding each other before their wedding so they would be able to get the cake into each others' mouths.

Gigi made some new friends while we were walking around. She happily followed them along for a little while.

Here is Matt and Yuko infront of one of the buildings of Hope college (where Matt went).

Two beautiful girls in a field of flowers.

Sometime in the last year and a half, I finally managed to sweep Gigi off her feet....

Meanwhile, Matt is figuring out how to carry (or drop?) Yuko....

Where's Gigi?

Can you find the Gigi in the field of flowers?

I finally stopped taking so many pictures and got caught hugging Gigi....

Matt and Yuko waiting endlessly for me to get just the right angle for the picture....

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