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July, 2005
Los Alamos, NM: I took Gigi to see my hometown. She was a little nervous about seeing it because she was envisioning a tiny town in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Well, it is rather small and in the middle of nowhere, but my parents and I kept her very entertained. Below are a few pictures of the tour we gave her....

We started out by making home made ice cream. It gets increasingly harder as you make it, but the taste at the end is definitely worth it.

Gigi definitely put in her share of the work. The rule is: You have to crank or you can't eat.

My dad and Lynn were just working much too hard at making it.

We hung out in Santa Fe on the Plaza for one afternoon.

Had lunch at the Ore House overlooking the plaza.

My parents, Gigi and I took a hike up to East Fork in the Jemez mountains near Los Alamos.

East Fork Cows
We hiked by cows grazing and over streams and bridges.

East Fork Valley Jemez

East Fork Stream Jemez Flowers

Pretty Flowers daisies daisy

Multiple Butterflies
It was a nice and pretty hike. My dad took the picture of the butterflies. I'd never seen so many butterflies together. The flower next to these three had another two.

In the beginning, Gigi seemed quite happy to be with me.

By the end of the hike, Gigi was trying to beat me up...she almost knocked me off the bridge. Apparently, my dad didn't seem to care though....

Overall, Gigi seemed quite happy about the hike (and about me).

We spent a few hours hiking around Bandelier. Here is Gigi sitting in one of the caves made by the Indians more than 500 years ago.

I wanted the same picture, so I pushed Gigi up the cave a little bit. (I'm glad she didn't get stuck, but it was good practice for later on in the day.)

Bandelier Arch Indians
Here is a picture of Bandlier from one of the caves. (This picture was taken by Gigi.)

Here is a wonderfully cute girl enjoying the dry dessert air....

Gigi somehow managed to squeeze herself into this interesting position. After I took the picture, I noticed that it was very hard to determine which was way up. Can you tell?

Here we are at the top of the Ceremonial Cave. It's a 140 foot climb up ladders to get up to it. Unfortunately, I forget to take a picture of the ladders or us on them.

Gigi saying hello from inside the Kiva in the Ceremonial Cave.

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