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October, 2005
Niagara Falls with Gigi

In October, 2005, Gigi and I made a last minute trip to Niagara Falls (the Canada side). We'd been wanting to go for a while and finally just decided to go.

Gigi and I started in Toronto. We walked around the city and, as you can tell by my other pages, I like to take pictures. This is near the riverfront.

I found this statue rather amusing. It's part of the stadium.

This is the riverfront of Toronto.

Before we headed to Niagara Falls, we stopped by to visit some of Gigi's friends.

Here are the two falls. The one on the right is the typical one that people think of, but there is another part, the one on the left. There isn't too much distance between them, maybe about the same size as each one of them.

Here is a beautiful girl standing next to the falls.

I was really thirsty, so I thought I would have a drink. Look close....

The large amount of mist caused a nice rainbow. It was a full arch. I couldn't get the whole thing in a picture - it was that big.

Here I am again with that beautiful girl, although this time in front of a rainbow.

There was a ledge that let you get right up next to the waterfall. It was amazing to look at the amount of water flowing over the edge.

They built tunnels under the falls so you can look at the falls from behind. This is a view from behind the waterfall.

The tunnels came out right next to the water. This is the edge of Niagara Falls.

Here is Gigi with the falls and a bridge to America in the background. Don't worry, she was careful while I took the picture.

At night, they shine many lights on the falls - the colors rotate about every 10 minutes.

So, this is where I proposed to Gigi. I won't go into the details here. If you want to know more, you'll have to ask me.

On the way back to Toronto, we stopped by downstream of Niagara Falls. This is called the whirlpool because of the way the water looks like it is swirling down a drain. They say it is because of the shape of the river, but I think that is a conspiracy theory. In fact, I think all of Niagara Falls is a conspiracy. This is actually where they take the water and pump it back up to the top for all of the tourists.

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