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Foreign Travel

Southern Road Trip: Gigi and I went on a road trip down to Kentucky, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, West Virgina, and a few of the boring Mid-West states. We went to visit some of my relatives and to see one of my friends from college get married.

Tennessee North Carolina State Line
We passed through the Smokey mountains to get from Tennessee to North Carolina, where the wedding was.

Here is John and Lucianna walking out as they have just been married.

Cute Asian Girl blowing bubbles
This was a cute girl who was blowing bubbles for the wedding. She was adopted from Vietnam. People would say to Gigi: "She is so cute, is she your daughter?"

A picture of the church they were married in after everyone left it....

Driving away to enjoy their lives together....

A picture of the four of us at the reception. (When they drove away, they didn't really leave for their honeymoon, they just circled around and came back for pictures and the reception.)

The cutting of the wedding cake.

Here I am holding my cousins daughter, Sarah. I am not really sure what to call her. She isn't my neice, cause that would be my sisters daughters and she isn't my cousin cause she is in a different generation. Regardless, I am related to her and she is very cute.

Here is a picture of the bunch of us. Andrew (cousin) and Natalie and Sarah (on the left), Kyle and Gigi (in the middle) and Melinda (cousin, on the right).

My wonderful car carried bikes for us so we could go biking in the middle of the long bike rides. Unfortunately, it was incredibly hot, so we only ended up biking a total of about 25 minutes during the whole trip. (No, Gigi is not getting paid by Gatorade for this endorsement.)

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