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Troy Puppies

This is Gigi, Christina, Soyla and I in Troy, Michigan. Gigi is interning there for the summer. Christina was coming up for the weekend and I decided to drive over also to see everyone. These are some pictures from downtown. For some reason, they have a lot of statues of puppies around, so we went around and introduced ourselves to some of them. The nice ones let us take some pictures with them and that is what you'll see below.
20040801_TroyDogs01 20040801_TroyDogs02 20040801_TroyDogs03
20040801_TroyDogs04 20040801_TroyDogs05 20040801_TroyDogs06
20040801_TroyDogs07 20040801_TroyDogs08 20040801_TroyDogs09
20040801_TroyDogs10 20040801_TroyDogs11

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