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- Scott/Tara wedding
- July 4th, 2004
- Matt/Joanna wedding
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- HK with Gigi
- Chocolate Buffet
- Holland, Michigan
- Matt/Yuko wedding
- Road Trip South
- Gigi in Los Alamos
- Shanghai with Gigi
- HuangShan w/ Gigi
- Niagara Falls
- Beijing IROS
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Foreign Travel

Our small group gave Gigi and I each a gift certificate to a Chocolate Buffet at the Peninsula hotel in downtown Chicago. So, we ended up going down for Gigi's birthday.

Here we are at the buffet. You can see our plates with chocolate and in the back is a table full of chocolate. All we could eat and they were quite tasty.

Here is Gigi holding up one of her several plates of chocolate.

Here I am drinking my chocolate martini.

We also went walking around Millenium Park in downtown Chicago.

Here is the giant chrome jellybean with the Chicago skyline in the background.

Here are Gigi and I infront of the giant jellybean. You can see the reflection of the skyline in the big bean.

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