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Tam's wedding

A very wonderful event watching them join their lives and also seeing old friends. The weekend started with a friendly game of soccer in which Luis ran circles around me and pretty much everyone else as well.

The next day, both Tam and Luis cleaned themselves up and (having avoided all facial wounds from soccer) looked very nice.

It was a beautiful service overlooking the New Mexican landscape.

Many of the bridesmaids cried during the ceremony after Luis's vowes.

With the threat of rain looming very close, the couple kissed their first kiss as a married couple.

A few hours later, we celebrated a little ways past Espanola.

A much easier way to cut a cake - have them precut.

Their first dance....

They do look like they are in love.

The crowd seems to have gone wild....

The mother/son and father/daughter dance.

Friends reunited - Katie, Lauren, and Tina.

Another happy couple enjoying a celebration of a new couple.

The yummy cake was finally eaten and enjoyed.

Love was in the air, not only with the bride and groom, but also as a group serenaded Kim....

Let the party begin....

I like this Mexican tradition. All of the grooms clothes were taken from him by his friends and he was left in the bathroom naked and waiting. The grooms friends then gave all the clothes to the bride and instructed her to get him dressed. Here is Teddy handing off the last piece of clothing for Tam.

A few minutes they came back (with Luis fully dressed). Shortly after, they left for their honeymoon.

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