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August, 1994
Here are some pictures of me at Blue Haven, a church camp, I went to for several years when I was younger near Las Vegas, NM. I only have pictures from one of the summers, but the other summers were similarly as fun.

Kyle Reed Christian baptism
Here is my baptism. I got really close to God and devoted my life to him here in the cold waters of Camp Blue Haven.

Kyle Reed Christian baptism
My baptism occured on August 2nd, 1994. This is Steven, my camp counselor for two sessions.

Blue Haven studs
This is the group of guys I stayed with in the cabin. This is us taking a break on one of our all day hikes.

guys in my cabin
Here we are coming back.

Hermits Peak hiking
Here is a group of friends at the top of Hermit's Peak.

pretty view mountains
Here is a view from the top of Hermit's Peak. We had to leave early to get away from the storm that was on it's way in.

Blue Haven date
Each year, there is an end of the year banquet. I went with Tanya.

Blue Haven friends
Here my cabin is with our sister cabin. Those are the girls (and guys) I got to eat with every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

dressed up like Nerds
Here we all are dressed up. Don't worry, none of us normally dressed up like that. We raided the costume room and found some 'nice' clothes for the occassion.

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