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Here are some random things I have done, mainly through high school, but I still do occasional things like this now, they just haven't been documented.

Kyle holding a big carrot
Here I am, about 10 years old or so. I'm not really sure. I guess it was a carrot from the garden.

spirit week
This is my typical dress for school, well only during homecoming week. As if you couldn't guess, this was Toga day.

I like it
In high school there is a tradition for the swim team to shave their heads for the State Meet. Well, being on the diving team, we have a similar tradition. We shave various human shapes into our heads. My Sophomore year, it was a foot.

diving tradition
Here is Todd and me with our feet shaved in out heads.

why not
My Junior year, it was a man...well, a stick figure anyway.

Los Alamos Diving team tradition
Then Senior year, we decided to do smiley faces.

Here is Ian and myself with our smiley faces on our heads.

I think some was left up there
Senior Year, the Seniors always hike up the side of a mountain and repaint the large LA overlooking the town. As you can see from the picture, there is always debate as to whether the LA actually got painted or not....

am I buff
Look at the stud...well, okay then, look at me. This was me trying to look buff when I was working as a lifeguard the summer after my Senior Year.

I win
Tam and I played a game of 3D tic-tac-toe. The loser, Tam, had to eat the soy hot dog while the other person fed them, so here I am feeding Tam.

holding Courtney
This is my holding Leslie Mass's first child, Courtney. We treat each other as family, so I am sort of an Uncle now.

Mmm icing
Here I am eating some icing. Yummy - it is good. This was right as we were making John a birthday cake.

studying or sleeping
Here I am sleeping in my apartment my senior year in college. This is an activity I quite enjoy.

Not very good
If you ever said I can't hoola-hoop, you were right, I can't, but I did try....

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