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Here is my car. I really like it. I bought it with my own money in July of '99. It is a 1990 Honda Civic. I took pictures of it so I could show my parents the new car rack my they got me for Christmas of '99. Well, now I have added some others to show all the capabilities this small car has. That car served me well, but I sold it in the Spring of 2006. I was getting married and we didn't need two cars at the time.

buried car in snow
This is what happens when you leave a car on the street in a good winter snowstorm in Chicago. But, being the good car that it is, and thanks to my dad for teaching me how to drive in the snow, I managed to get it out with not too much effort.

200000 miles Honda Civic old car
On October 30th, 2004, my drove it's 200,000th mile. I've owned it since it had 159,673 miles on it. A lot of people think I am crazy for buying a car with that many miles and for having a car with that many miles on it, but it is in very good shape and runs well.

truck 200000 Civic Honda 1990
As it was turning over, Gigi and I were driving down Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois, on the way to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and my nephew.

goes windsurfing
Here is my car carrying some windsurfers. We had a good time at Abiquiu cliff jumping and windsurfering.

diving home from the University of Tennessee
This is on my way home from college after I graduated. I had a lot of stuff to haul home.

Takes kayaks everywhere
Here I am showcasing my car after John and I went kayaking in the Smoky Mountains.

nicknamed my truck
Here is my car carrying about 300 pounds of wood so I could build a picnic table for my parents. It's nice to know it doubles as a truck.

moving a couch
Recently, I've been helping friends moving couches around. This is one of the smaller ones. I've had some pretty good sized couches on there. No one believes that it will handle it until after arrive and take the couch off.

Honda Civic 1990
Isn't it cute. It has more room than you would think. Isn't the upholstery nice too?

Yakima roof rack
The front license plate says: "VOLS" in case you couldn't read it. Isn't it so cute?

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